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Salem Witch Woke Trials

Written by John (the other John).

In 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts, there occurred events that lasted for only several months, but have since become historically infamous for the tragedy that occurred when there existed mass irrational frenzy by those in power. Basically, some unusual things occurred that had no logical basis at that time, yet those who were affected by these events felt the need to blame others for this occurrence. Additionally, when the doctors examined the persons who were subjects of the strange events, they were unable to determine the cause of this unusual behaviour, so to disguise their own shortcomings the doctors chose to diagnose the illness as caused by an “evil spirit” or “witchery”.

So then began the search to find the culprits (which happened to be vulnerable members of that society). Although there was zero evidence against the accused, the accusers (and the powers that be) charged the accused persons with witchcraft. Of course there was no actual evidence of this (nor was there a legal standard for what is a witch), but that did not matter, because the criminal trial allowed the use of what is known “spectral evidence” as evidence. This form of evidence is “…based on visions and dreams of the actions of a witch's spirit or specter….[, thus it]…is testimony about what an accused person's spirit did, rather than actions of the accused person in the body….” Essentially, what a person did/did not do is irrelevant, but what is relevant is what the accuser perceived as acts committed by the accused (in this case, witchcraft). In total during these several months, 19 people were executed for being witches, while about 150-200 others were accused of being witches.1 After those several months when this mass hysteria subsided, these witch trials ended, and much later on with the “due process” clause of the US Constitution, such baseless trials would never occur again in the US.2

But then came wokeness in the 2nd decade of the 21st century. Unlike the prior havoc being in regards to witchcraft, today, the outright hysteria is in regards to “systemic racism” committed by white people against non-whites. The key attribute of “systemic racism” is that it is illusive (yet omnipresent), and which shares the components of aether (an invisible immeasurable yet all-pervasive substance that cannot be identified nor proven), but they are certain that it exists. This is present in our everyday lives (whether on our jobs or in academia) with (for example) anti-white training for government employees and public schools [such as “critical race theory]). And much like “spectral evidence” was used against accused witches, similarly, the tactic du jour is that the evidence used by those accusing others of “white supremacy” is that their racism is “implicit” or “invisible” and ipso facto by “white people”; sort of like a ghost or the boogeyman. And much like the accused witches who were unable to defend themselves against invisible non-existent evidence, today, the beauty of labeling racism by honkeys as being “implicit” and ipso facto is that it exempts the accuser of providing any evidence to support their allegation, and it denies the accused of “due process” by being unable to disprove a phantom negative.3

And assuming arguendo that the initial intentions of the accusers had been noble (as unlikely as that may be), a toxic and fatal mix was/is created when spiritual accusations are not subjected to rational scrutiny, combined with those with this intense spirituality happen to also be the one’s doing the policing (i..e,, Judge, jury, and executioner); in such a scenario, it is a natural consequence that abuse of process will occur (whether inadvertently [Salem Witch Trials] or intentionally [Woke Trials]).

1 In fact, a plea of innocence and/or a denial of guilt was interpreted as an admission of guilt. So essentially, because a person could not defend themselves, this resulted in “guilt by accusation”.
2 The general public in Salem in 1692 was afraid to speak out to this injustice because they themselves could be accused, tried, convicted, and executed; all without any evidence (other than spectral evidence).
3 And much like the Salem Witch accusations having originated by a doctor who was concealing his shortcomings of being unable to diagnose the illness (thus he blamed others), similarly, the concept of “systemic racism” too was originated by those seeking to conceal their shortcomings by blaming others.

There are no coincidences with such accusers, and there is nothing original with anything they say and do.
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