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Sweden: terrorist attack in Vetlanda leaves 8 people injured

Eight people have been taken to hospital after a suspected terrorist attack in Vetlanda. Several have been seriously injured and the suspected perpetrator has been shot by police. Several areas have been cordoned off in connection with the operation.

The police were alerted around 3 pm on Wednesday to Bangårdsgatan in central Vetlanda. The callers said that several people had been attacked with an ax. When SVT's team arrived at the site, several parts of the central areas of the city were cordoned off.

According to SOS Alarm, eight people have been taken by ambulance to hospital.

"It is probably one of them or several who are seriously injured, but I do not know the situation of the rest", said police spokesman Thomas Agnevik.

The crime classification was changed
The suspected perpetrator, a man in his 20s, was shot by police in connection with the arrest, says police spokesperson Angelica Israelsson Silfver.

She does not want to comment on what was used in the attack. The attack was originally classified as attempted murder, but later changed to possible terrorist attack.

Source: svt Nyheter
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