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The Newest Disney Princess Who Married a Toad

Written by John (the other John).

For anyone who ever saw a Disney Princess film, the one common theme is that the

Princesses are:
  • privileged
  • wealthy
  • have all of their needs fulfilled by staff
  • are bored
  • have an opinion
  • are forbidden to express their opinion
  • are virtuous and righteous
  • feel victimized
Take your pick of Disney Princesses in which a check-mark can be placed next to their name for the above bullet-points: Snow White, Ariel, Jasmine, Mulan, Merida, and Moana. But despite the above variables, all these Princesses had love and respect for their Royal Family. But the newest Disney Princess who exemplified privilege, deceit, disloyalty, and victimhood is Princess Meghan Markle. This newest Disney Princess is toxic; everyone from her father, to her sister, to her father-in-law, to her brother-in-law, all dislike her. Yet she convinced the toad Prince that he too is a victim, and in turn he backstabbed his own family; the happy-go-lucky Prince Toad is now a miserable SOB. Does he still think the ---- was worth it?
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