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Germany: CDU and CSU parliamentary group want to end cooperation with Islamist associations

The CDU and CSU parliamentary group calls for the "termination of state cooperation and contractual relationships with organizations of political Islamism".

Berlin - All financial donations, subsidies, contractual relationships and collaborations with Islamic clubs and associations that are monitored by the federal and state offices for the protection of the constitution must be checked and be set, it says in a position paper of the group, about which Welt reports and which is expected to be decided on Tuesday. This also indirectly affects several large umbrella organizations such as the Central Council of Muslims and the Islamic Council for the Federal Republic of Germany, whose largest member associations are monitored by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution. Religious extremism and its representatives must be met with the same distance and rejection as the political extremists from the left and right, said the rapporteur for religious communities of the Union parliamentary group, Christoph de Vries (CDU), to Welt.

"The enemies of our constitution and their ideologues cannot be partners of our state at the same time. No tolerance for intolerance is the clear message and at the same time a warning to the organizations and representatives of political Islamism." Fundamental values ​​such as equality, protection of minorities and the primacy of laws over religious rules are non-negotiable, said de Vries.

There can be no "religious discount" on that. "We respect the freedom of belief unconditionally, but we do not want to allow foreign governments or forces of political Islamism under the guise of religious freedom to work towards a system of rule, society, politics, culture and law according to Islamic norms in Germany."

Photo: © Wolfgang Rattay/Reuters
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