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Germany: Justice Minister has accused the Chancellery of blocking laws against right-wing extremism

Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD): Chancellery blocks fight against right-wing extremism

Berlin - "I now see the last chance to pass the laws on the concept of race and the democracy promotion law before the summer break and the general election are due," she told the newspapers of the Funke media group ( Sunday editions). "The Chancellery is blocking, with reference to the fact that the Union faction in the Bundestag is not going along." For them this is a "fatal signal" in their work against racism.

Not only is she angry about this blockade of the Union, but also Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU), said the Social Democrat. "The ball is now in the Chancellery. The Chancellor has to think about whether the Federal Government really wants to send the message: We don't take the fight against racism and right-wing extremism seriously. That would be fatal." When asked whether, in her opinion, the Union was blind in the right eye, the Justice Minister replied: "In any case, it is a devastating signal for all people in Germany who are affected by far-right violence when the Union gives the impression that it is not seriously pursuing the fight against racism. And blocking the already agreed draft for the Basic Law Amendment, this is exactly the impression of what happens. "

Both in the legislative proposal to delete the term "race" from the Basic Law and in the Democracy Promotion Act to help non-governmental organizations in the fight against right-wing extremism, the Union and the SPD have not yet been able to agree on a joint approach.

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