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Germany: refugee ship co-founded by the Evangelical Church hoists Antifa flag

The ship Sea-Watch 4, of the “United4Rescue” alliance co-founded by the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD), hoisted the “Antifa flag” on its mast. There had previously been protests when it became known that this flag was affixed to the bow. The EKD had collected donations for the purchase of the ship.

“Sea-Watch” press spokesman Oliver Kulikowski insisted on the evangelical news agency Idea that the organization was “naturally” anti-fascist. Such a basic understanding is also expected from the crew members, "because fascism, as well as racism, sexism, anti-Semitism and other inhuman ideologies have no place on our ships".

Above: "Due to the popular vote by AfD and other right-wingers against a flag of the anti-fascist action on our bow, we decided to remove it. It is now hanging a little more visible. My pleasure."

The EKD also commented on the process. "The EKD is resolutely against right-wing populist, right-wing extremist, racist, anti-minority and ethnic-nationalist attitudes," said a spokeswoman. The EKD is expressly committed to non-violent solutions.

Religious educator Späth criticizes the EKD's hypocrisy
The religious educator and chairman of the church collection on the Bible and Confession in Bavaria, Andreas Späth, accused the EKD of hypocrisy in a guest commentary for Idea. "Anyone who finances something is, of course, supportive and cannot pretend that they are not affected. It goes a drawer deeper without further ado."

"Instead of moving away at least a little from left-wing extremism, to simulate spontaneous horror, to say that we must review the matter, or take refuge in other common topics, they move further away -which is completely irrelevant at this point- from the right-wing extremist attitudes".

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