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Germany: Wagenknecht criticizes left-wing liberals

Munich - MP Sahra Wagenknecht from the Left Party has renewed her criticism of left-wing liberalism in Germany and the identity politics of her own party. Left liberalism is neither left nor liberal, Wagenknecht told Focus Online.

“It represents well-off big city academics rather than those who have to fight harder and harder for their little wealth, which should actually be the concern of the left. And liberal? Due to its pronounced intolerance, modern left-wing liberalism should actually be called left-wing anti-liberalism."

Left-wing liberals also behaved in a similar way when they talked about immigration as a great asset, but at the same time paid close attention to “that their own children go to school where they only get to know other cultures in literature or art classes”.

“Fridays for Future” as a protest of the upper middle class
Wagenknecht recalled Martin Luther King's famous dream that one day the color of a person's skin would no longer play a role. In left-wing liberalism, on the other hand, everything revolves around whether someone is white or black, man or woman, straight or homosexual. “It depends on who is allowed to talk about what and who is allowed to contradict whom. This is an attack on enlightenment and common sense."

The left-wing politician was also skeptical about the “Fridays for Future” movement. It is true that it is positive when young people get involved in a social issue, but one must also note that the rallies and climate protests were mainly attended by young people from academic households of the upper middle class.

“That has shaped the movement: Anyone who lives in a top-renovated old apartment in a hip district may consider the rise in the price of diesel and heating oil to be a major climate policy achievement. The less favored skilled worker or craftsman in a rural region, who depends on his car every day and heats his moderately insulated house with oil, sees things differently. And those who despise people who buy their meat at the discounter seldom belong to a social class where the account is empty at the end of the month."

Wagenknecht also did not hold back from criticizing her own party. The election results showed that the Social Democrats and the Left Party had lost large parts of their former electorate. According to surveys, a majority of the population would like more social equality.

AfD as the leading workers' party
“Instead of addressing these majorities with a program that is attractive to them, the SPD and the Left have accepted the Greens in an almost submissive manner as the intellectual and political avant-garde, thereby allowing the AfD to become the leading workers' party. They are far removed from the chance of their own majorities."

Wagenknecht also has little interest in the issue of gender. She does not want to tell anyone how to talk and if a journalist feels the absolute need to gender, he should do it. “But it can't be that everyone comes under pressure or experiences a shitstorm if they don't go along with it. I myself don't think we're doing our language or the goal of non-discrimination a favor through such contortions."

Wagenknecht was elected the top candidate for the federal election in North Rhine-Westphalia against resistance in her own party at the weekend. Shortly before, the first passages from her new book had caused displeasure among party members. The book "The Self-Righteous" is out this week.

In it Wagenknecht reckons with left-wing liberalism and accuses it of further dividing society. She also takes a harsh attack on the left's identity politics. This boils down to "directing attention to ever smaller and more bizarre minorities, each of whom find their identity in some quirk that distinguishes them from the majority society and from which they derive the claim to be a victim," writes Wagenknecht.

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