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Hertha's goalkeeping coach Petry denounces mass migration

Berlin - The goalkeeping coach of the Berlin Bundesliga club Hertha BSC, Zsolt Petry, has denounced mass immigration to Europe. “I don't understand how Europe can sink to the moral lows it has reached. For me, immigration policy is a manifestation of moral degradation. Europe is a Christian continent and I don't like to see the moral decay that is spreading across the continent, ”he told the Hungarian newspaper Magyar Nemzet on Monday.

At the same time, the former national goalkeeper of Hungary accused liberals of marginalizing critics of mass migration. “The liberals increase the dissent: Anyone who does not believe that migration is good because Europe is overrun by criminals is already branded as a racist. That is not acceptable, the opinion of the other is less tolerated, especially if he is of a conservative opinion."

Petry was also critical of the statements made by his compatriot Peter Gulácsi, who guards the goal of the current second place in the Bundesliga, RB Leipzig. “The liberal opinion of Peter Gulácsi on rainbow families is not shared by the majority of the Hungarian society. That is why many people have started to criticize him. If I were in his place, as an athlete, I would concentrate on football and not take a position on public or socio-political issues."

Lesbian and gay association attacks Petry
In February Gulácsi criticized a Hungarian law that prevents homosexual couples from adopting children. Last December, Hungary's parliament approved an amendment to the constitution that defines parenthood between men and women. As a result, same-sex couples can no longer adopt children in the country. In addition, the gender of a person will in future be determined from birth and cannot be changed afterwards.

The national board of the Lesbian and Gay Association Germany and chairman of the "SPD queer Berlin", Alfonso Pantisano, was outraged by Petry's statements. For this he earned the red card. His employer Hertha BSC "must now act decisively: homophobia and xenophobia must not be tolerated in their own ranks," he said.

Hertha is under pressure
Hertha BSC announced that they would seek a conversation with Petry as soon as possible. On Tuesday Petry rowed back. He wrote through Magyar Nemzet that he fully respected the opinion of Péter Gulácsi and that he had not made any discriminatory remarks against rainbow families. He wants to concentrate on his work at Hertha.

The capital club is under sporting pressure. After the 1-1 draw against FC Union Berlin, Hertha are only two points from the relegation zone.

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