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Richard Dawkins loses humanist award after transgender criticism

Washington, DC - The American Humanist Association (AHA) has stripped of atheism's thought leader Richard Dawkins the Humanist of the Year award after criticizing trans-ideology. "Unfortunately, Richard Dawkins has made a number of statements in recent years that use the cover of scientific discourse to humiliate marginalized groups - an approach that contradicts humanistic values," said the AHA.

Previously, the zoologist Dawkins had reminded of the Rachel Dolezal case via Twitter. She caused a storm of outrage in 2015 when the daughter of white parents posed as black. He compared it to transgender people
US state prohibits gender reassignment of trans teenagers
Dawkins later insisted that it was not his intention to offend trans people. He also distanced himself from applause from the US Republican camp for his alleged trans criticism.

Dawkins received the award in 1996. It has been awarded by the AHA since 1953.

The US state of Arkansas banned hormonal treatments and gender reassignment surgery on transsexual minors in early April. From now on, doctors are no longer allowed to treat transsexual adolescents in Arkansas with hormones or make surgical changes to their gender characteristics. Otherwise they now face penalties.

Source: Junge Freiheit
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