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Significantly more Germans are victims of foreigners than the other way around

Berlin - Germans are significantly more likely to be victims of crimes involving foreign suspects than the other way around. In 2019, the police cleared up around 70,000 cases in which at least one German suspect was involved and at least one foreigner was a victim. On the other hand, there were around 130,000 crimes in which at least one non-German acted criminally against a German, according to a request from AfD MP Stephan Brandner to the federal government, Junge Freiheit reports.

The proportion of foreigners was around 12.5 percent in 2019. Figures for 2020 are not yet available, as the police crime statistics (PKS) will probably only be available in April, according to the answer from the Federal Ministry of the Interior. Only clarified cases were considered in the evaluation. In addition, victims are recorded in the PKS “in principle only in the case of criminal acts against highly personal legal interests (life, physical integrity, freedom, honor, sexual self-determination”).

More than 35,500 immigrants among suspects
The AfD politician also wanted to know how high the proportion of immigrants is among the suspects in cases in which Germans were victims. This group is defined in the PKS as persons with the residence status of asylum seekers, persons entitled to protection and asylum, quota refugees, tolerated persons or who are illegally staying in Germany. The police registered around 35,500 cases in 2019. Most of the suspects came from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.

In homicides there were 248 cases with a German as the suspect and a foreigner as the victim. Conversely, the number of such acts totaled 356. The police also recorded significantly more foreigners assaulting Germans (1.791) than the other way around (458) in the case of rape, sexual coercion or crimes against sexual self-determination. The same applied to bodily harm.

"The state must protect its population from avoidable crime"
Brandner: "An efficient fight against crime includes taking statistics seriously and not talking nicely, as the federal government always does." The AfD politician also criticized the fact that German victims were of foreign crime are not in the public eye. But it is "the duty of a state to protect its population from avoidable violent crime". Criminal asylum seekers should therefore be deported promptly. "You have lost your right to protection."

The answer to another AfD request from last week had shown that the number of convicted foreign offenders had increased significantly in recent years. Over the past decade it has grown by 51 percent. The most common were Turks, Romanians, Poles, Italians, Serbs, Iraqis and Russians.

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