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Basel: Mob chases young woman through the streets because she was holding up an Israel flag

The anti-Semitic violence on the streets of Europe continues, a video from Switzerland shows incredible scenes. The big outcry fails again.

An amateur video from Basel stunned: On the sidelines of an anti-Israel rally, on which the flags of various Arab states and the Palestinian flag can be seen, a young woman holds up an Israel flag. First, more and more people break away from the group of demonstrators, including several women with headscarves, and finally the first begin to run towards the woman. The woman fled, then she was followed at least to the next alley.

The radical anti-Semitism of Arab migrants in Europe is becoming more and more evident. Apart from hollow expressions of solidarity from politics, the problem remains undetected, there are no major storms of indignation, as can be rightly expected in such scenes. And so the open hatred of Jews on the streets is becoming more and more common.

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