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EU appoints a racist for the anti-racism office

The Finnish Michaela Moua takes over the post of the anti-racism officer of the EU commission. It should also work closely with the Member States.

For the first time in its history, the EU Commission has appointed an anti-racism officer. As the authority announced, the Finnish Michaela Moua will take over the post and will "strengthen political measures in the area of ​​anti-racism" in the future. In doing so, it will work with representatives of minorities as well as with the member states, the EU Parliament and actors from civil society and science.

Last year, the EU Commissioner for equality, Helena Dalli, presented an action plan against racism. This also includes the appointment of an anti-racism officer. The post should initially be filled by 2025.

The "anti-racist" Michaela Moua
Moua, a former basketball player, studied international development policy and worked in Finland for several non-governmental organizations fighting racism and discrimination. In the past few years she worked in the Finnish Ministry of Justice.

There is no doubt that Moua is anti-racist. Just look at his tweets of support for the Marxist organization BLM and her obsession against whites.

More of her obsession with whites here: Mentions of white people by Moua on Twitter.

Source: Zeit Online / Twitter
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