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Fire and police officers injured with stones and bottles during "mostly peaceful" protest by left-wing activists in Berlin

Berlin - Violent riots at the "Revolutionary May 1st Demo" in the evening in Berlin. Around 5,000 people had gathered, including left-wing chaos. In the course of the demonstration there were massive attacks on officials, stones and bottles were thrown and police officers were injured.

Shortly after the demo began, smoke pots were ignited and firecrackers were thrown. Inicitally three officers were injured in the process, but up to 20 were counted at the following day, reported Bild. After that, there was an occasional tussle between demonstrators and police officers. Especially after individual blocks were excluded because the participants did not adhere to the Corona rules.

From then on the situation came to a head. On the Sonnenallee there was a hail of bottles and stones against officials. Police officers were attacked while trying to pull troublemakers out of the crowd. The police used pepper spray. Dumpsters and pallets were set on fire. In between, paramedics were on duty to take care of the injured.

Several protesters were arrested. Participants were also arrested near the Neukölln Arcaden. The police confiscated a loudspeaker from the demonstrators and cleared an intersection.

Police President Barbara Slowik had previously announced that demonstrations would be quickly disbanded if the Corona rules were violated.

As the meeting leader himself was attacked from the crowd in the meantime, he declared the meeting to be over at around 9:05 p.m., as the police announced on Twitter.

Too many participants right from the beginning
At the beginning of the demo at 6 p.m., Hermannplatz in Neukölln was far too full. Because corona rules were disregarded, the march only started at 6.45 p.m. The event manager was asked to ensure compliance, only then could the march start in the direction of Kreuzberg, the police said.

Then it started. Some of the streets were cordoned off, and many police vehicles were posted. The police were on duty on May 1st with a large contingent, received support from officials from other federal states.

In the crowd around Hermannplatz, demonstrators waved flags and banners could be seen.

A woman holding a sign that says "Enough of living off our jobs. We demand our rights. Long live women without papers". Antifa, feminism, open borders, mass migration. The core ideas from the left.

Critics of the government: bad protest
The German media are reluctant to use terms such as "violent" and "extremists" in reference to today's protest, but they are not shy about calling demonstrators critical of the government Nazis and fascists. Some media even spoke of mostly peaceful protests today.

Also today a large contingent, the police prevented several rallies by critics of the Corona measures in Weimar on Saturday. Among other things, pepper spray was also used. The measures critics wanted to lay flowers before the Weimar District Court. The trigger for this was the police raids in the apartment, in the office and in the car of a Weimar judge who, in a decision, declared the mask requirement and the compulsory test in schools to be illegal. “The clear goal of the state today was to avoid that even a flower is deposited in front of the district court,” said Markus Haintz of the “lawyers for clarification” in a telephone interview. According to eyewitnesses, the police had already posted the first emergency vehicles around the court on Friday evening; the area resembled a "besieged zone" on Saturday. Even journalists had been denied access, saying that their protection could not be guaranteed - a strange justification for an area that was already cordoned off.

Journalist Boris Reitschuster asks on his website "Why is the state authority in the self-proclaimed “best Germany of all time” so afraid of relatively small demonstrations by its critics? And it does exactly what it regularly and loudly criticizes in other countries: banning demonstrations critical of the government."

"The big question is: where does the government's great fear of the citizens come from? Why the bans and the massive defamation of critics, the hatred and agitation in the media? Usually it is an indication that they are way off the mark in their policies. This plugging of democratic valves has proven to be a fatal mistake many times over in history. Is it any different this time?"

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