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Gender-neutral language is set to disappear from schools in France

PARIS. The French Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer (LREM) has announced that it will ban gender-neutral language in schools. They discriminate against students with reading and spelling difficulties, he said, according to Le Figaro. "It is not inclusive, it excludes."

Instead of grinding or damaging the French language any further, students should focus on learning the already complicated French grammar. Many students would have big problems with that today.

For example, he sees progress in the feminization of professions and functions, but putting dots in the middle of words is more of a barrier to teaching the language, especially for dyslexics. French supporters of gender add - similar to the gender asterisk used in Germany - a so-called median point in the middle of a word in order to "take into account" all genders.

Debate about gender language continues in Germany
The French Senate will debate the issue on Thursday. The gender language was banned in the administration of the country as early as 2017.

In Germany, too, there had been repeated debates about gender in the past few months, for example about the project of the linguist Luise F. Pusch, who had called for a gender-fair reformulation of the Basic Law. Another example is the Central Committee of German Catholics, which in future also wants to use the gender asterisk in its communication.

At the end of April, the former Union parliamentary group leader Friedrich Merz (CDU) spoke out against gender-neutral language and cited France as a role model. "The French apparently have a better sensitivity for the cultural value of their very beautiful language."

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