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Germany: Asylum seeker bites railway employee in the head

Braunschweig - Monday evening at Braunschweig main station. Two employees (52, 57) of the security service became aware of a man (21) who was not wearing mouth and nose protection and was harassing women.

The security staff banned him from entering the station. Then the man beat the men with his fists. The older security employee's glasses hit a blow. A glass splintered, a shard penetrated the victim's eye. The man came to the hospital - in the meantime he was threatened with loss of sight. The attacker continued to rage, bit the other employee in the head.

Federal police arrested the attacker. According to information from BamS, the railway operator, Steward M. is an asylum seeker from Liberia (West Africa). His application was rejected a long time ago, he is living in an asylum shelter. The police initiated proceedings on suspicion of serious bodily harm.

But after identification of the personal details and a blood test, Steward M. was released. How can that be? According to BamS information, the public prosecutor saw no reasons to apply to the local court for pre-trial detention.

Source: Bild
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