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Germany: Green youth wants to give children the right to vote

Berlin - The Green Youth has called for children to be able to vote in elections in the future. "Voting is a basic democratic right. This must apply to all people. Democracy means that you have a say in your own living conditions. We think it is wrong to legally deny a certain group this across the board," said the spokesman for the Green Youth, Georg Kurz to Spiegel Online.

The green offspring therefore strives to ensure that under 16s are also allowed to vote. "The limit of 16 years is also set completely arbitrarily," complained Kurz. “I know so many committed, politically educated people who are not yet 16 years old. And they are categorically excluded from the election."

Briefly I have a so-called registration option. “Anyone who registers independently to vote can also vote”.

Green youth calls for police reform
Kurz was bothered by the fact that the group of over 60-year-olds in the country currently had significantly more votes than those under 30-year-olds. "That is a blatant imbalance."

The Greens chairman Robert Habeck had already spoken out in favor of lowering the voting age. In May 2020, he advocated voting rights from the age of 16.

In the past few years, the Green Youth caused a stir with their demands. Last August, for example, they demanded a comprehensive police reform because of “blatant abuses” in the security forces. According to their will, officials should be monitored more closely in the future and no pepper spray should be used. Around a year ago, the Green Youth expressed solidarity with the left-wing extremist Antifa.

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