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Mohammed is again the most common boy's name in Berlin

Berlin - Mohammed was also the most frequently given boy name for newborns in Berlin last year. As announced by the Society for German Language, it was in first place ahead of Noah and Henry. With this, Mohammed is leading the list of the most popular boys' names in Berlin for the third year. The most frequently given girl name in the capital in 2020 was Hanna, followed by Charlotte and Mia.

In Bremen, Mohammed was also one of the three most popular boy names. Here, however, he fell from first place in the previous year to third behind Noah and Elias. In the remaining 14 federal states, Mohammed did not make it into the top three names list.

Mohammed is the most common male given name in the world
According to the Society for the German Language, Mohammed is the most popular male given name in the entire Islamic world, which also makes it the most common male given name worldwide. “In Germany it has only appeared increasingly since the 1980s. For some years now, he has been one of the ten most common boy names in some federal states. Overall, it ranks 24th among the most popular names in Germany. "

In Germany in 2020, Noah, Leon and Paul were the most common boy names in newborns. With the girls, Emilia, Hanna and Emma prevailed.

Source: Junge Freiheit
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