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Prince Harry is ‘talking so much’ and doesn’t need to do ‘every interview’

 Fox News’ ‘The Five’ have slammed Prince Harry for his latest media appearance on Dax Shepard’s podcast ‘Armchair Expert’, telling him he doesn’t need to do “every interview” being asked. 


“Why is he talking so much?


 Keep it inside a little bit,” Jesse Watters said. 


 “Don’t do every interview. He’s like Fauci.


 “He did a Dax Shepard podcast? A prince did a Dax Shepard podcast?


 I mean he was just on Oprah. You can say no to Dax Shepard’s podcast.” Former British politician Nigel Farage also criticised Harry’s comments about the First Amendment.


 “I hope that Americans are beginning to see through these two,” he told Fox News.


They are out for themselves. They don’t care what damage they do to the monarchy, to the United Kingdom. Ultimately they won’t care about America either”.



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