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Report: Iran and Hamas have great influence in Germany

The influence of Iran and the groups it supports, Hamas and Hezbollah, continues to grow in Germany. The Israeli investigative journalist Benjamin Weinthal sums it up: "The influence of the Iranian regime in the Federal Republic of Germany is enormous".

The number of active members of the pro-Iranian terrorist organization Hamas has grown from 70 to 80 in Berlin. This emerged from the latest Berlin report for the protection of the constitution for 2020. Hezbollah, which is also fighting Israel and is supported by Iran, still has 250 members in Berlin - the Federal Ministry of the Interior imposed a ban on the group in April 2020. The number of radical Islamic Muslim Brotherhood rose from 100 to 150. The number of Iranians loyal to the regime also saw an increase, from 40 in 2019 to 50 in 2020. This was initially reported by the Jerusalem Post.

The constitution protection report in Berlin also explicitly named Iran alongside China and Russia as one of the most important actors in cyber espionage in Germany. Among other things, a cyber attack campaign against German companies is mentioned. The report says: “One reason for the increase in Iranian cyber operations in Germany is likely to be the political tensions in the Persian Gulf region. On the one hand, Iran has a fundamental interest in obtaining political and economic information; on the other hand, the purpose of the attacks should also serve to circumvent the existing sanctions against Iran."

The Bavarian Constitutional Protection Report for 2020 also mentions the danger posed by Iranian espionage, for example that the so-called “Quds Brigades”, a special unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, which are classified by the United States as a terrorist organization, “especially against (pro) Israeli or (pro) Jewish goals” in Germany. The Bavarian Constitutional Protection Report also points to Iranian proliferation activities, i.e. the acquisition of materials, technology and know-how for the production of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction. This is also remarkable because it is actually the aim of the nuclear agreement, which Germany has supported since 2015 - in return for the end of the sanctions, that Germany also carried out.

In the Bavarian Constitutional Protection Report, Iran is listed as one of the “proliferation-relevant states” alongside North Korea, Syria and Pakistan; these are precisely those states that are feared that they “use weapons of mass destruction in the event of an armed conflict or at least threaten to do so in order to achieve political goals ."

Tickys Einblick interviewed Benjamin Weinthal. As a European correspondent for the renowned Israeli daily Jerusalem Post and a research fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies in Washington, he has been researching the topic for years. He says:

“The influence of the Iranian regime in the Federal Republic of Germany is enormous. Take the example of the Islamic revolution of the mullah regime. The German government celebrated this Islamic, anti-Semitic revolution several times in the Iranian embassy in Berlin. Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier sent a telegram to the mullah regime on behalf of the German population in which the Iranian revolution is praised and celebrated.

During his time as foreign minister, Steinmeier sharply criticized Israel's prime minister. For what? Netanyahu has taken the liberty of criticizing the 'Iran Deal', which poses a major existential threat to Israel. I recently reported on the increase in the membership of the pro-Iranian regime in Berlin. So far, no German newspaper has reported on it. This explosive information is in the new Berlin constitutional protection report.

Germany is also a large sales market for Iran's illegal procurement activities for the manufacture of nuclear weapons, chemical weapons and missiles. Israel considers Iran's nuclear weapons program to be the greatest threat to its existence.

I reported that the Swedish, Dutch and German secret services demonstrated in 2020 that Iran was working on nuclear weapons that Iran was looking for suitable technology to manufacture.
So far there has been no German report about it. I ask myself why?"

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