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Where is the big demonstration against anti-Semitic protests in Germany?

Written by Gunnar Schupelius for BZ-Berlin.

In Berlin it is quiet on the streets, there is no protest, while in Israel the sirens wail and the rockets thunder from the sky.

How can that be? Berlin is the capital of demonstrations, the center of constant outrage and a pent-up anger that erupts on our streets every day.

Here there is a demonstration against everything, against climate change and lockdown, against exploitation and racism, against new laws and against old ones, against discrimination of all kinds and for refugees and migrants all over the world.

Why do those who are so involved every day not get up when 1,300 rockets are fired at defenseless people in Israel in three days, when Hamas from Gaza is planning a mass murder with these rockets?

In Berlin there are many organizations that fight against hatred and agitation, especially on the Internet. They are supported with a lot of money by the Berlin Senate and the federal government. Now the net overflows with hatred of Israel, it seeps from every pore of the social media. And the Israeli opponents are gathering in the streets, as they did last Sunday on Hermannplatz.

Where are they now, the guards against hatred and agitation? What are they doing about the verbal mobilization against the Jewish state?

And where is the Berlin Senate, which always advocates diversity and tolerance? Two years ago, when Israel celebrated its 70th anniversary, the Governing Mayor Michael Müller gave a speech in which he emphasized Germany's “close friendship and solidarity” with Israel. Why is he silent now?

Real friendship shows itself in need. Does Berlin stand side by side with Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and if so, how? Where's the compassion? And what about our responsibility?

If I derive an obligation from our German history, it is that we do our best to ensure that Jews can live in security, not only here, but above all in the state that is the only one that guarantees them real security: This is Israel.

It is said again and again that it is the government in Jerusalem that is causing injustice and unrest with its policies. One can argue about that. But that's not what it's about these days.

The Hamas fighters with their rockets do not want a debate, they want to destroy the state of Israel, no matter how this state behaves. They say that openly and they look for the occasion in some kind of conflict.

Hamas in Gaza is not the representative of the Palestinian people, but a clique that has put itself to power and shoots its own people when they are not in line.

The violence is clearly coming from one side these days. That Israel provoked them is a fairy tale from the propaganda kitchen of the Islamists, which unfortunately falls on fertile ground in many residential areas of Berlin.

Source: BZ-Berlin
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