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A quarter of the Islamist threats apply for asylum

Berlin - There are hundreds of Islamist threats or so-called relevant persons among the people registered with the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (Bamf). As of the end of March this year, the Federal Ministry of the Interior counted 463 such immigrants, according to a request from the AfD parliamentary group in the Bundestag, which was submitted to Junge Freiheit. 264 of them have applied for asylum.

As of April 6, there were 332 perpetrators and 471 relevant people in the “religious ideology” category from the politically motivated crime statistics in Germany. People who are expected to carry out a serious or state-endangering crime at any time are called "relevant" by security authorities, and they are those who have a leadership role or the function of a supporter or actor within a terrorist or extremist group.

Terrorist threat level remains high
The Federal Ministry of the Interior was unable to provide any information on the question of how many “extremist-Islamist people” have citizenship other than German. At the beginning of April, to the knowledge of the Federal Criminal Police Office, 101 such threats and 22 relevant people were in custody in Germany.

The federal government continues to rate the threat posed by an Islamist terrorist attack as high. “Germany continues to be in the immediate target spectrum of international terrorist organizations. A persistently high risk of jihadist-motivated acts of violence is still to be expected.”

AfD politician Hess calls for deportations and expatriations
The AfD domestic politician Martin Hess blames the “total failure of the federal government in migration policy”. “More than 40 percent of those who pose a threat and relevant people are non-German, almost a quarter are asylum immigrants. And German nationals with a migration background are not even recorded separately,” said Hess.

In order to significantly reduce the risk of terrorism, consistent deportations and the expatriation of persons with dual citizenship are necessary. “Anyone who cannot be deported because they only have German citizenship must be in long-term custody. In order to stop the influx of more terrorists, the borders must be effectively protected."

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