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Diversity Inclusion Equity: An Interview With Kamala Harris

Written by John (the other John).

Lillian White: Good morning Vice-President Harris
Kamala: I hate you.

Lillian: Why do you hate me?
Kamala: Because of your last name bitch.

Lillian: Ok. So we are here today to discuss diversity inclusion equity. How will you promote
America to DIE?
Kamala: It is my duty to ensure that all employers and Universities have their staff or student body mirror that of society in relation to them being represented by their proportion of society. But because people of colour (poc’s) have been underrepresented for years, this in the short term will require mass hiring and school admissions of majority poc’s over a period of decades to remove the dominance that you honkey’s built over a period of centuries.

Lillian: How will you enforce that?
Kamala: Ask me again and your house will be burned down.

Lillian: Huh?
Kamala: That is how we can enforce it. Got it bitch?

Lillian: Ok. So what is your vision of government hiring?
Kamala: Black people and other poc’s. Period.

Lillian:  And the Judiciary?
Kamala: Black people. We are so much more qualified than you people. We should hold all these positions.

Lillian: So you promote black people and other poc’s for all of these jobs because they are more qualified.
Kamala: Yeah, what of it?

Lillian: But when it came to the most important choice of your life, you chose the opposite?
Kamala: What you mean bitch?

Lillian: Well, you married a white man; why did you not marry a poc?
Kamala: Are you out of your f’kn mind bitch? Why would I marry a …..? They are unreliable and unfaithful. When was the last time a ……held onto a job? Uh uh!!!! I need a rich honkey to take care of my oversized a$$.

Lillian:  But a minute ago you said poc’s are more qualified than honkeys…uh I mean white people.
Kamala: Bitch, this diversity $hit only applies to you honkeys; when we want something for ourselves (like a husband or a neighborhood), $hit, we want it white, lilly white!

Lillian: Well, thank you for that explanation.
Kamala: F’k off, I’m out of here! My honkey pilot is waiting for me on my private jet to fly me to a speech on racism and climate change.

Lillian: Why do you not have a black pilot?
Kamala: Are you out of your f’kn mind? You think I trust a brotha’ to fly me? I need my pilot to be sober. F’k off, I’m done with you.
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