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Germany: CDU interior expert wants to prevent the naturalization of anti-Semites

After anti-Semitic incidents at demonstrations in Germany, the domestic policy spokesman for the Union parties parliamentary group in the Bundestag, Mathias Middelberg (CDU), has now made the proposal to tighten the citizenship law.

Berlin - Accordingly, anti-Semitically motivated actions should exclude naturalization in the future, reported the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung (NOZ). "Citizenship law should expressly regulate that the naturalization of people who have committed anti-Semitic acts is excluded," said Middelberg. "Anyone who publicly incites against Jews, questions the existence of the State of Israel or burns the Israeli flag must not become a German citizen," said Middelberg.

In the Citizenship Act, the following sentence should be added: "Naturalization is excluded if the foreigner has carried out an anti-Semitically motivated act." In addition to the required declaration of loyalty, the law should include the express reference that anti-Semitic actions are incompatible with the guarantee of human dignity in the Basic Law. Angela Merkel's statement that the existence of the State of Israel was German state rationale should not "run idle," said Middelberg.

This "must be given special attention, especially in the case of naturalizations". The CDU internal politician asked the SPD to approve his proposal from him in the Bundestag this week. "The SPD, whose candidate for Chancellor has demanded the full toughness of the law after the recent riots, should turn their words into deeds," demanded Middelberg.

Photo: dpa / Christophe Gateau
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