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Germany: Politicians and journalists lament the smear campaign against Baerbock

Berlin - Several politicians and journalists have recognized a hate campaign in the criticism of Annalena Baerbock's false information in her résumé and complain about this. In the past few days, several errors had become known, which, among other things, significantly exaggerated the position of the Green Chancellor candidate in renowned international organizations.

The Green Chairwoman has now received support from the ranks of the SPD, the Left and Der Spiegel. The Social Democrat Sawsan Chebli tweeted that the campaign against Baerbock was "unbearable". And further: “Grab them by their political positions, but stop this agitation. That scares off women who want to do politics. "

International media also report on Baerbock
Lower Saxony's party executive from the Left, Daphne Weber, shared on social media: “Have enough criticism of Baerbock in terms of content. But this smear campaign against her is a mess."

Even the publicist Marina Weisband sees the criticism of the false information only as a "completely unobjective campaign against Baerbock". Political parties only scared off their offspring.

Der Spiegel journalist Anton Rainer apparently does not value the fact that politicians give correct information about themselves. Rainer tweeted: “With this poking around the commas in her CV, Baerbock's critics primarily reveal their laziness. This “research” costs nothing, has no effect, but brings tons of likes from the right-wing bubble. Most importantly, they don't even hurt the Greens."

The columnist Jan Fleischhauer, meanwhile, pointed out the fact that even the wide-reaching and opinionated US magazine Politico has taken up the criticism. Many German media such as Bild, Tagesspiegel or t-online had reported. The supraregional public service media have so far not taken up the topic.

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