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Germany: Steinmeier wants to focus on climate change in his second term of office

Berlin - Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has announced that, in the event of his re-election, he will take on the fight against climate change and its consequences for social cohesion. Germany is facing a "huge transformation process," Steinmeier told Der Spiegel on Friday . "In addition to ecological issues, we have to focus on social balance." To do this, he brings along "curiosity, enthusiasm and experience".

He also sees the fight against the consequences of the corona pandemic as a focus topic for a possible second term in office. An "emotional void" was created during the crisis. "I want to help overcome this emptiness, bring people back together and heal wounds."

Ready for opposing candidate
Steinmeier announced a week ago that he would run for another term. "Of course it's a risk," he said now. “But that's part of democracy. More openness does not harm the office of Federal President. ”With this, he signaled that he would hold on to his application even in the event of an opposing candidate. So far it is unclear whether the Union parties and the Greens will nominate their own candidate. The two parties are currently in first and second place in surveys.

Steinmeier's election could also depend on the outcome of the federal election in autumn. The next Federal President will be elected by the Federal Assembly in February 2022. This is made up of the members of the Bundestag as well as the same number of voters, who are determined by the representative bodies of the federal states.

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