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Germany: Ten "mistakes" in Baerbock's résumé

Berlin - The journalist Philip Plickert has uncovered three more inconsistencies in the CV of the Green Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock. The Austrian magazine Exxpress had previously revealed seven mistakes in the curriculum of the federal chairmen of the Greens public.

The curriculum vitae was then revised again. Most recently, the politician, who wants to be elected to Germany's most powerful office, withdrew statements that she was a member of the Europe / Transatlantic Advisory Board of the Heinrich Böll Foundation, the German Marshall Fund or the UNHCR.

The positions were noticed because the advisory board of the foundation, which is close to the Greens, had no longer listed them. She was only a graduate of the German Marshall Fund, as she had a scholarship, and not a member, as her résumé claimed. And you simply cannot become a member of the UNHCR, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Above: "Hectic tidying up and clean-up work in Ms. Baerbock's résumé 🤥 tonight, after I uncovered a lot of embarrassing false or fictitious information. Compare before and after"

Discrepancies already uncovered beforehand
The candidate initiated the research herself by calling herself an “international lawyer” in an interview and describing her co-chairman Robert Habeck as someone who “knows how to milk chickens, pigs and cows”.

As things stand today, the unprotected designation of international lawyer led her to the right. However, the underlying title “Master of Laws LSE” was misspelled. Habeck, on the other hand, has the title of Doctor of Philosophy, which, according to the German understanding, ranks one step higher in the academic career.

Above: "Since there were inquiries about specified "memberships" in Ms. Baerbock's curriculum vitae, the information was refined and corrected. Thanks for the hints."

Baerbock had also stated that she had completed her studies in political science and public law in Hamburg with a bachelor's degree. At that point in time, you couldn't even do a bachelor's degree at the University of Hamburg.

In fact, as its spokesman Andreas Kappler admitted on Twitter, Baerbock only completed a preliminary diploma in political science at the University of Hamburg. This was followed by studies at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), which she completed with a master’s degree.

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