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Great approval in survey on German leading culture

Berlin - A large majority of Germans are in favor of immigrants coming to Germany adapting to the local culture. According to a survey carried out by the opinion institute Insa on behalf of Junge Freiheit, almost three quarters of those questioned are of the opinion that the German guiding culture should be binding for immigrants.

71 percent agreed with the statement: “When people immigrate to Germany, they should adapt their behavior to the traditions and lifestyles of the people who already live here.” 14 percent disagreed and nine percent answered “I don't know”. Another five percent did not provide any information.

Migrants also agree
Even among younger people under the age of 29, the “yes” outweighs with 47 percent compared to the “no” (28 percent). For those over 60, the approval rate is 86 percent.

It is also noticeable that among the respondents with a migration background an absolute majority of 53 percent takes the view that immigrants should adapt their behavior to the traditions and lifestyles that apply here. 28 percent of them reject this.

A look at party preference is also surprising: a majority of left and green voters, with 60 and 58 percent respectively, are in favor of adapting to the local culture. Supporters of the AfD (92 percent) and CDU / CSU (80 percent) do this most clearly, followed by those of the FDP with 78 percent. But even among SPD voters, it is still 74 percent.

The demand that schools should convey a more positive image of Germany was also affirmed by a large majority of those questioned in the survey.

For the survey, 2,015 people aged 18 and over from Germany were interviewed between June 4th and 7th.

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