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Leipzig: Syrians molest women and knock witness unconscious

Leipzig - In Leipzig, two Syrians sexually molested a woman and knocked a witness unconscious. As part of a group, they danced to women in Palmengarten on Sunday night and harassed them, the police said.

A woman resisted, whereupon a witness became aware of the situation and filmed what was happening on the cell phone. When the 18 and 22-year-old Syrians saw this, they threatened the witness and asked him to delete the video. When he refused, one of the foreigners struck and took the cell phone.

Investigations against Syrians are ongoing
The witness pursued the thief. He was hit again and went unconscious to the ground. Shortly afterwards, police officers were able to identify the two suspects. They are being investigated for assault, sexual harassment and threat.

When it comes to sexual offenses, Germans are more likely to be victims of foreign offenders than the other way around. In 2019, almost 1,800 non-Germans fell victim to local victims. The opposite perpetrator-victim constellation occurred in 458 cases.

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