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Media Matters Director Admits Running Scams, Wants To “Kill All Men”.


Audrey Bowler, a Social Media Manager at left-wing outlet Media Matters, has shared a litany of anti-male tweets, including declarations of her “love” for “scamming men” and “when men die in movies” along with designing a state seal with “kill all men as the motto.”


Bowler, who’s worked at the far-left, Soros-funded group since 2018, is the latest Media Matters employee to be exposed by The National Pulse.

Her Twitter account contains a host of derogatory and violent remarks directed towards men.

Bowler, for example, insisted she was “getting the state seal done with “kill all men as the motto” – a violent call offset with “lmao” and followed by “¯\_(ツ)_/¯”:



 Similarly, Bowler, who also identifies herself as managing Media Matters’ Chinese Communist Party-linked TikTok, described how she “loves it when men die in movies.”



Bowler’s account is also teeming with hateful label directed towards men, including tweets saying “men are so gross” and “men are disgusting.” She also declared “there are no good men” when, ostensibly, joking about what she’d “tattoo” on her forehead.



Bowler also suggested that random men should “venmo her $5,” followed with her openly stating that she “love[s] scamming men.”


 The Media Matters director has extensive involvement in Democratic Party politics, having interned in the offices of Democratic Senator Jim Webb and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 running mate Tim Kaine.


                                                 Misandrist scammer Audrey Bowler.


While Media Matters once mocked a clip of Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren insisting “feminism is less about “equal rights” and more about “man bashing and demanding free things,” their own staff member appears to confirm Lahren’s assertions.


What’s more, Media Matters is notorious for spearheading advertiser boycotts from conservative shows when hosts make “controversial” remarks; reverse the genders on Bowler’s comments, and she’d certainly earn a spot on the Media Matters blacklist.




Source: National Pulse

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