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Petition demands: Conchita Wurst should sing the German national anthem

Munich - Drag queen Olivia Jones has demanded that singer and travesty artist Conchita Wurst sing the German national anthem at the European Championship game between Germany and Hungary on Wednesday. The background is the UEFA's ban on lighting up the Munich stadium in rainbow colors for the game.

“We don't give up and demand: Let Conchita Wurst or another avowed homosexual sing the German national anthem in the stadium tomorrow. So that the eyes and ears of the eternal yesterday of this world ring properly. Unity and justice and freedom for all”, it says on the platform in the corresponding petition.

At the same time, Jones appealed to the Bundesliga club FC Bayern Munich, which plays its home games in the stadium, and the German Football Association (DFB). “Show greatness and civil disobedience, disregard the UEFA decision. This is a historic moment. Have the courage to write history."

Drag Queen praises Manuel Neuer
Munich's Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter (SPD) had turned to the association with the request to be allowed to illuminate the sports arena accordingly . However, UEFA refused.

The Hamburg drag queen praised the national team goalkeeper Manuel Neuer , who has been wearing a rainbow armband at international matches since June. "We are proud of you and we would like to see many more such symbols!"

Kneeling causes boos
That is why the UEFA had initially initiated investigations against the DFB-Elf, since the captain's armband in the colors of the homosexual movement could be seen as a possible political symbol. But on Sunday the DFB announced that the UEFA had already stopped the investigation. The rainbow band is rated as a symbol of the team for diversity and thus for a “good cause”.

The current soccer tournament has not only made headlines since the beginning. Eastern European fans have already shown their displeasure several times when some teams kneel down before kick-off as a sign against alleged racism and in support of the "Black Lives Matter" movement.

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