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Plagiarism hunters accuse Baerbock of "copying and pasting"

Berlin - Plagiarism hunters have accused the Green Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock of having copied her new book. “Text plagiarism is not ethically correct and has already been rightly criticized in non-fiction books. Now, the Baerbock plagiarism case is added to the Baerbock resume hairdressing case,” writes the plagiarism expert Stefan Weber on his blog.

Baerbock hurt in her book “Now. How we are renewing our country ” in several places by copying passages from other authors without reference to the source, sometimes verbatim. Accordingly, the Green politician made use of, among other things, a work by a US political scientist, an article from Der Spiegel and the Federal Agency for Civic Education. Baerbock is said to have used Wikipedia articles several times without naming the source.

It is not the first time that Baerbock has been accused of inaccuracies. At the beginning of June, false information became known in the resume of the candidate for chancellor. Baerbock admitted to having made mistakes and corrected the information.

Above: "The Baerbock book was probably written largely by ghostwriter Michael Ebmeyer, whom she thanks in a somewhat convoluted way."

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