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Poland's ambassador to Germany defends Hungary

Berlin - The Polish ambassador to Germany, Andrzej Przylebski, has defended Hungary against attacks because of its law to ban LGBT propaganda. "The right of the Hungarian parliament to legally protect schoolchildren from preoccupation with the homosexual problem" is "evident and unquestionable", he told the editorial network Germany.

The Polish diplomat also emphasized that it was not about intolerance, the persecution of gays and lesbians or the restriction of their rights. According to his knowledge, the relevant law is limited to school and is intended to protect children from early sexualization.

The law had brought massive criticism from other EU countries in the past few days. Before the European Championship match between Germany and Hungary, there had been calls for the stadium to be illuminated in rainbow colors. "I find the attempt to denounce the Hungarian people through the planned lighting of the stadium in Munich inappropriate and hurtful," said Przylebski.

Roth accuses Hungary of restricting freedom of expression
Meanwhile, Bundestag Vice President Claudia Roth (Greens) pleaded for EU measures against Hungary because of the law. In her view, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán "and his clique want to ban information and depictions of homosexuality". That is "the new volte in the unworthy and shabby game with the fundamental values ​​of the European Union".

Roth expressed concern that the law was "a clear attempt to restrict freedom of expression and other civil liberties in connection with the exclusion of minorities and the stirring up of homophobia".

When the German team played against the Hungarian selection, the German Football Association distributed thousands of rainbow flags to the audience. While the Hungarian anthem was playing, a speedster with a rainbow flag disrupted the ceremony. The clash ended 2-2. Germany will move into the round of 16 and meet England there. The Hungarian national team, who sang the national anthem with the fans after the final whistle, were eliminated.

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