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Woke, Incorporated

Written by John (the other John).

We are familiar with the word “woke” (or “wokeness”), for which we are dictated that wokeness fights for altruistic causes for social justice, racial justice, etc… for some group of oppressed people. But today, I will not discuss “wokeness” itself, but rather the corporations who fund and “support” wokeness. Let me explain.

As a starting point, corporations’ preference is profits and stability; they do not believe in truth, honour, integrity, fairness, patriotism, God, nor family. It’s not that they oppose these virtues, but they instead choose to overlook these because they lead to conflict; and of course conflict results in diminished profits. As stated, corporations only care for money; period! Human life is disposable, and money is their “god”.

That being said, take your choice of corporations who proclaimed that they have gone “woke”: Google, Apple, Twitter, Disney, MLB, NBA, NFL, etc… They announce in the US that they stand for the causes of racial justice, social justice, election fairness, etc…, yet simultaneously they reject through silence the very same virtues of justice and fairness when in China. or the Middle East, or in Africa. (Ex., concentration camps and slave labour is no problem in China). So naturally, Conservative critics label these corporations as “hypocrites”. But I disagree, those companies are not necessarily hypocrites, because their only loyalty and only “god” is money. So if promoting black causes in the US while simultaneously ignoring black slavery in Africa earns them huge profits, then whatever; it’s all about the money.

This is nothing new. Whether it is paying extortion to the local mafia boss, or paying 
extortion to BLM, or assisting the National Socialists to transport Jews to Auschwitz (ex. SNCF), the corporations publicly endorse these causes even if privately they reject them; but whatever they do, the bottom-line question is, will this result in increased profits?

These corporate executives would slap their own momma in the face if the price was right. So do you still expect corporations to be patriotic? Of course not, just like you cannot rely on them actually being “woke”.[1]

[1] The public definition of “woke” is to fight for justice, which corporations clearly do not. Of course once you unmask and decode the word “woke”, then you will see that that actually means to maximize profits by means of intimidation and violence.
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