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Woman Cuts Off Migrant’s Penis While Defending Herself from Rape Attack


Spanish police arrested a woman for cutting off the penis of her Bangladeshi boss while he was allegedly trying to rape her.


The woman, who originally comes from Bangladesh herself, was working in a bar in the municipality of Sant Andreu de la Barca, 3o minutes from Barcelona, and claims that her boss, also a Bangladeshi, had been sexually harassing her weeks before the attack.


On Monday, the woman claimed that her boss went further than harassment and attempted to force her into having sex with him. As he did, she grabbed a knife and cut off his penis, El Mundo reports.


Inspector Oscar Carreras, head of the local police, said the man was taken to hospital and received emergency surgery. The woman was arrested on suspicion of amputating her boss’s penis, while her boss was arrested for attempted rape. Both have prior criminal records.



Migrant crime has been an issue in the Barcelona area for years, with a 2019 report claiming that among the top ten most prolific criminals in the Spanish city, just one was actually born in Spain.


This week’s bizarre incident comes as Spain is facing another migrant crisis at its two cities on the North African coast just across from the Spanish mainland, Ceuta and Melilla, which border Morocco.


Last month,  Ceuta saw at least 8,000 migrants cross into the city illegally within the span of one day. The Spanish government claims to have deported over 6,600 migrants to Morocco, but many supposedly underage migrants have remained in the city.


Spanish authorities have attempted to contact the parents of supposed minors who reached Ceuta, but among those they spoke with, 92.5 per cent have said they prefer that their children remain in Spain.




Source: Breitbart

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