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Afghan Migrant Injures Four In Knife Attack in Hamburg


20-year-old Afghan migrant has been arrested by police in Hamburg after allegedly attacking four people in the outdoor area of a local restaurant with a knife. 


The incident is said to have taken place on Sunday evening in the St. Goerg area of the city, well-known as a hotspot for the LGBT community, and saw the 20-year-old engage in a dispute with another man before pulling out a knife.


According to a report from the broadcaster RTL, the Afghan had previously had a dispute with the man prior to the incident at the Hansaplatz square and had followed the man to the restaurant before confronting him and attacking him with a penknife.


Three other people at the restaurant attempted to intervene and subdue the Afghan migrant and received minor injuries. The main victim, 29, was reportedly slightly wounded by the migrant and two of the four victims were taken to a local hospital to treat their injuries.


 The knife attack comes just weeks after a migrant from Somalia went on a stabbing rampage in the city of Wurzburg, killing three women before being shot in the leg by police and taken into custody.



The 24-year-old Somali national is said to have come to Germany just prior to the height of the migrant crisis in 2015 and was given subsidiary protection, rather than refugee status.


Joachim Herrmann, Bavaria’s Interior Minister, stated that the cause of the attack was likely related to radical Islamic extremism and claimed the Somlai had talked about contributing to jihad when he was taken to the hospital after the attack.


Earlier this year in Sweden, another migrant was involved in a mass stabbing incident in the small town of Vetlanda. The 22-year-old, who also came from Afghanistan originally, stabbed seven people in the area of the town’s train station.


Testifying in court last month, the Afghan claimed he had been angered by another man earlier in the day who had told him God did not exist.


Last week, prosecutors demanded a life sentence for the 22-year-old after a medical examination that determined he was responsible for his own actions.



Source: Breitbart 

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