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Austrian Chancellor about foreign criminality: "Much of the brutality here has never happened in the past."

Austria's Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) has warned of new “migration flows” from Afghanistan to Europe. He told the Bild newspaper that there was also an increase in violent crime due to immigration from other cultures. "Much of the brutality here has never happened in the past."

A look at the crime statistics shows, for example, an "accumulation of sexual violence against women" by "certain groups", explained Kurz. An example of this is the case of Leonie , who was killed in Vienna. Several Afghan men "drugged, raped, murdered and then discarded the 13-year-old girl".

Kurz does not want to "import this sick ideology" into Europe
What sometimes happens in Europe is "barbaric and hard to put into words". Violent crime has now reached a new quality. Nevertheless, one should not lump all migrants with the same brush.

He is also concerned about Islamism, which has been granted entry into his country through immigration from Afghanistan. As a result, anti-Semites and people to whom women's rights were of little importance would come to Austria. But he does not want to “import this sick ideology” into Europe.

Austria will continue to deport to Afghanistan
Although parts of Afghanistan are in the hands of the Taliban, he wants to continue with de deportations. The country's problems would not be solved if Germany and Austria took in en masse, as in 2015. Instead, the Chancellor stressed that the local situation had to be improved.

Even in Germany it is evident that, apart from Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), no one is inviting migrants to set out to find security in the Federal Republic. Rather, the signals are the opposite.

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