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“Discriminate blue-eyed people”: Bundeswehr sends soldiers to anti-racism workshop

Potsdam - The Bundeswehr has sent Brandenburg soldiers from an armored infantry battalion to an anti-racism seminar in which blue-eyed people are devalued as part of an experiment. A spokesman for the Ministry of Defense defended the participation in Bild against the fact that the training served as a means of “political education” and taught the soldiers essential elements of the “leadership culture of the Bundeswehr” .

This would make the soldiers aware of the need to “consciously stand up for the basic and human rights formulated in the Basic Law”. The seminar is the “Blue-Eyed” workshop of the Diversity Works company.

Workshop stigmatizes blue-eyed people as stupid and incompetent
In the ZDF documentary "The Racist in Us" from 2014 you can see how the seminar went, at least back then. The workshop is structured like an experiment and divides the participants into two groups without giving them any further information. A green collar is tied around all blue-eyed people and then isolated from the rest of the participants.

The seminar leader Jürgen Schlicher thereupon insists to the non-blue-eyed that people with blue eyes are generally more stupid and incompetent. He incessantly devalues ​​those absent because of the color of their eyes with ever new accusations.

Seminar leader wants to use attacks to show the suffering of migrants
After a while of "indoctrination", the blue-eyed people are allowed to join the rest of the group, but are permanently humiliated by Schlicher. For example, they have to read sayings from a poster on which it says, among other things: "We cannot allow blue-eyed people in Germany to take advantage of our social systems."

After a participant with a green collar wanted to break off the experiment because she felt bullied, Schlicher and other seminar leaders talked to her and explained the aim of the experiment: naive-eyed people should experience how migrants felt in Germany. Then they urged them to continue taking part in the workshop, because people with a different skin color could not take off their "green collars" either.

Cologne high school also holds workshops
In Schleswig-Holstein and Hesse, the “Blue-Eyed” workshop should also be part of police training and serve to train “intercultural competence”, said a police spokeswoman when asked by Bild newspaper. In addition, the seminar is said to have been held at a high school in Cologne at the end of June.

The students then felt “lost, oppressed, aggressive, sad and scared”. Nevertheless, the school described the workshop as effective in combating racism and discrimination.

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