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Diversity does not work without sacrifice

The WDR tv station in Germany has evidently learned from the mistakes of the past and is serious about diversity. In February, the broadcaster received massive criticism of racism because of a talk show and then vowed to want to become “even more diverse”.

Now the diversity train starts rolling. The presenter of the WDR's “Lokalzeit” (“Local Time”) from Cologne, Simone Standl, fell under its wheels. The 59 year old had her last appearance there this week. The reason for the separation after 17 years was that the station had to become “more diverse”, she was told, reported the news portal

A broadcaster said: “There are always changes among the 'local time' moderators. That is normal - and the moderators know that too. The show lives from the fact that it tries out new things at regular intervals. "

WDR employees tremble with "youth madness"
Standl, on the other hand, believes age discrimination is the reason she had to go. Anonymous statements from WDR employees seem to confirm this. This is how the station “Youth madness” prevails. Older employees trembled as to who would go next. We are talking about an invisible age limit.

With Sümeyra Kaya, not only will a younger woman take over the post at “Lokalzeit” from Cologne, but also one with a migration background. The question is how many years the WDR will give you until “something new should be tried out” or it has to be “even more diverse”?

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