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Dummies Guide For Ruining Black Lives: Systemic Racism Is Real

Written by John (the other John).

We are told 24-7 of how the US historically was/is “systemically racist” against blacks, but is this true [1]. So I made a list below of historical legislative actions that address this allegation:
  • Slave laws (enacted in Democrat controlled States in the 1800s up to 1865)
  • Civil War (started by Democrat-controlled States, whom remained Democrats under the Confederacy)
  • Jim Crow Laws (enacted by Democrat-controlled States from after the Civil War until about the 1960s)
  • KKK (membership consisted of Democrats)
  • Segregation of Federal Departments (Democrat President)
  • Welfare laws (enacted by Democrats in the 1960s, which effect has been:

- Encouraged dependency on the government (in lieu of self-sufficiency),
Subsidizing the break-up of the family by making a reliable government check preferable to an unreliable man,
- Subsidizing single motherhood (in which the more kids out of wedlock a female has, the larger the government check and other benefits),
- With the guaranteed government check, this encourages women to procreate with unreliable men (again, why search for a reliable man when there is a reliable government check).

  • Progressive laws (enacted by Democrats):

- Anti-literacy laws (teach grievances [or nothing at all] instead of any skill that would result in a good job),
- Weakened policing in inner Cities (thus resulting in increased homicide numbers and rates of the local residents),
- Decriminalizing/legalizing drugs (more drug usage will kill off the local population),
- Emptying out the prisons thereby releasing criminals into society,
- Enhanced social welfare system which created a financial disincentive to working,
- Affirmative Action (why even attempt to excel when a job or University placement is certain due to skin colour [i.e., the bigotry of low/no expectations].

  • Progressive cultural mores (by Democrats):

- Glamourize violence and “gangsta”ism in music, media, and video games


[1] The conversation of “systemic racism” against whites is a different conversation entirely. (ex., Critical Race Theory, and Affirmative Action).
Stimulating people with $€x literature and pornography; creating the addiction for $€xual misbehavior and uncontrolled $€xual freedom (in lieu of the nuclear family and honest work).

So as you can see from the above, the welfare laws, other “progressive laws”, and progressive cultural mores have caused a devastating amount of damage to the nation. So it does beg the question, did the Democrats who enacted these laws hate black people, or are the Democrats just tremendously incompetent? But more importantly, is it the US that is “systemically racist”, or is it those whom enacted these laws (the Democrat Party) that are “systemically racist”? Of course it is the Democrat Party, but then they blame the nation as a whole for their bad policies. (Sort of like the arsonist blaming trees for a house burning down; technically speaking, but for the existence of trees and wood, the house would not have burned down, thus trees are at fault for arson).
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