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Equal opportunities officer is annoyed by the labeling of toilet doors

Cologne - The lettering on the toilet doors in the Cologne brewery "Em Kölsche Boor" called the cathedral city's equal opportunities officer, Bettina Mötting, to the scene. “I think it's a shame that restaurateurs nowadays can't come up with more creative solutions for the toilet area and therefore fall back on well-known clichés and stereotypes. I would like society to gradually move away from these flat gender stereotypes,” she told the tabloid Express.

The operators of the restaurant had written a simple "Bla" on the door to the men's toilet next to a drawing depicting a man. On the other hand, on the door to the women's toilet, there are many “blablablas” next to the silhouette of a woman as an allusion to the fact that women talk more than men. Mötting called this "discriminatory".

Brewery boss defends "exaggeration of a cliché"
In her opinion, the clichés of talkative women and silent men lack “scientific evidence”. She emphasized: "Ultimately, the question of the proportion of speech is an individual question of type and not of gender." Generalizations are discriminatory towards women and men.

The boss of the brewery, Melanie Schwartz, countered that the lettering had nothing to do with science, but was just a joke. "We thought it was a gag, the exaggeration of a cliché - to smile at."

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