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Germany: Left Party opens exclusion proceedings against Wagenknecht

Dusseldorf - The State Arbitration Commission of the Left Party in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) has approved the motions for exclusion against Sahra Wagenknecht. “The procedure is open,” said the committee to Spiegel Online.

Several members had called for Wagenknecht, who is the top candidate of the NRW left in the federal election campaign, to be excluded from the party. The background is her book “The Self-Righteous” in which the politician criticizes the left-liberal milieu. In doing so, Wagenknecht did serious damage to the party, argued their opponents.

Party leader Wissler is against the expulsion of Wagenknecht
Wagenknecht reacted calmly to the upcoming proceedings and referred to the cancel culture discussed in her book. “Some seem to attach great importance to confirming my theses through their approach. However, the individual, I am getting support and solidarity from far more left-wing members and voters,” she told Die Welt.

The party chairman Janine Wissler spoke out against the procedure. "I do not think it is fundamentally right to clarify intra-party differences through exclusion procedures," she told the Phoenix broadcaster two weeks ago.

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