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Germany: Saxony's SPD insists on extra trash cans for "menstruating men"

Dresden - The Saxon SPD state association has defended its demand to set up rubbish bins for hygiene products from "menstruating men" on public toilets. “It may be difficult for some to understand, but just because the issue does not affect the majority should not be ignored. It has nothing to do with clientele, but with humanity,” wrote the Saxon Social Democrats on Twitter on Sunday.

The state party congress had previously accepted the corresponding proposal. The reason given is: "Menstruating men and menstruating non-binary persons are restricted in the disposal of hygiene products in public men's toilets, as unlike women's toilets, there is no disposal option for them within the toilet cubicles."

"The crazier it gets"
The SPD member of the Bundestag Florian Post expressed his incomprehension to the Bild newspaper. "They make a policy for minorities in the hope that the sum will result in a majority. That is the core problem of the SPD and especially of the state associations, which are close to the five percent. And the closer you are, the crazier it gets."

Post followed up on Twitter and asked which application commission would even allow “such a nonsense application” for advice? He appealed to the regional association to “finally tackle the real problems”.

In the 2019 state elections, the SPD had lost 5.5 percent and landed at 7.7 percent.

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