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Rape and murder of 13 year old in Vienna - Just don't name the perpetrators, because for feminists, patriarchy is always to blame

The murder of a 13-year-old in Vienna, for which four Afghan asylum seekers are said to be responsible, poses a dilemma for feminists: Is the sympathy for a girl who, according to the current state of the investigation, was drugged with up to eleven ecstasy tablets, raped and killed several times, or? do you prefer to denounce the allegedly racist reporting?

The "Wiener Einsatzgruppe Feminist Alarmabteilung" (Viennese Feminist Task Force Alarm Department, WEFA) decided on the latter. Around 20 hooded WEFA women stormed the rooms of the news portal in the Austrian capital on Wednesday and attacked the employees. On handouts, the feminists complained that reports of the heinous crime would normalize and reproduce “the murderous patriarchy”. The murder was instrumentalized "for racist and sexist agitation".

Above: "No Profits With Insensitive Femicide Reporting!"

Nothing should disturb the feminist distribution of roles
It is the well-known game of these circles: If a migrant commits a serious sexual crime or murders a woman, it is never due to the cultural background and the internalized image of women of the perpetrator, but he only acts because he is a man. Nothing is allowed to disturb one's own distribution of roles in which the foreigner is always noble and good; and is always a victim of racism anyway. Neither can there be any doubt that one's own European society is the sexist hell on earth.

The women who fight against patriarchy could show how serious they are with the struggle in an Islamic country. But they can expect a little more resistance there than the accused “physical assaults” in the form of “pushing and thrusting” in their uprising against free reporting.

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