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Repression in Cuba: regime forces entered the house of a protester and shot him in front of his children

A video broadcast on social networks shows how the "black berets" violently break into a house in the town of Cárdenas to detain a Cuban who participated in the protests.

A Cuban who participated in the weekend's protests against the government of Miguel Díaz-Canel was attacked by the police at his home in Cárdenas, east of Havana . In order to arrest him, the security forces shot him in front of his family, according to the testimony of his wife, who is heard desperate during the attack as shown in the video.

“Why did they do this if there is nothing in my house. They broke everything. They took everything. They broke everything,” the woman shouts in a video broadcast on social networks, which shows how the “ black berets ”, the regime's shock forces, raided the family home with violence.

"My children", "why do they do that", "look what they have done to my husband", expresses, desperate, the woman, while showing a pool of blood on the floor, a consequence of the confrontation between her husband and the police forces.

In the video published on the CiberCuba site, it can be seen how the group of uniformed men knocked down the door of the home in Cárdenas, while another member of the forces entered the backyard and pointed a gun at the family.

In the footage, the woman carries one of her children in her arms and at least one other minor can be seen running through the house during the police raid. According to her account, her husband was thrown to the ground, beaten and loaded into a truck under arrest.

After the protests on Sunday in at least 60 parts of the Cuban island, the government responded with repression and censorship. Díaz-Canel decided, among other measures, to cut the internet to prevent the dissemination of images and hinder connectivity between residents. For this reason, videos and testimonials started to appear little by little.

People residing inside and outside the country have denounced the Cuban authorities for directing physical attacks against the population, which caused the death of a citizen; Furthermore, Cubans denounce the political regime for the disappearance of more than 100 people.

Source: La Nación
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