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UK woman’s headless body found 200 miles away from where she went missing

Mee Kuen Chong was last seen in London on June 10 before her headless body was discovered this week by authorities in a town 200 miles away. 


The headless body of a missing 67-year-old British woman last seen in London was found in a wooded area more than 200 miles away.


Detectives believed the body of Mee Kuen Chong was in the southern coastal town of Salcombe for “for some days,” and asked the public for help tracing her movements, according to The Independent.


Police initially put out a call to action for anyone who knows “where she may have stayed and also from anyone who knows why she was in Salcombe,” the article said.


Chong was last seen in her neighborhood in the British capital on June 10, according to the report.


Her decapitated body was reportedly found Sunday in a wooded area popular with dog walkers.


“Police would like to reassure the public that while this discovery may cause some concerns in the community, the heightened police presence is to investigate all of the circumstances,” a police spokesman reportedly said Wednesday.




Source: New York Post

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