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Abolish the Police, now!

Written by John (the other John).

In the continuing saga of Democrat lunacy, the latest fad is to “abolish the police” or to “re-imagine policing” (whatever the f’k that means). But the expected cause-and-effect is that the Dems make these claims, and the cowardly GOP predictably acts horrified. But my response is, “go ahead and abolish the police”. You may be wondering now if I have gone mad; the answer is no, but perhaps “crazy like a fox”. Let me explain.

Although I am a non-scientist, I do however believe in the scientific method of experimentation and “trial and error”. So, they want to abolish the police and make society safer, well, let us experiment. (Of course the experiment will occur in a city far far away from me, such as Seattle, Portland, LA, Oakland, Chicago, etc…). So those cities can either:

  • Abolish the police permanently, or
  • Furlough the police for 30 days, and
  • Hire social workers to patrol the cities

as part of the experiment. Then after 30 days, let us see the results. My initial premise is that the conclusion will be predictable that society will not only not be safer, but it will instead become a total war-zone. (Just see how things are now with policing in those cities mentioned above).

You think black lives will matter to them when the homicide rate skyrockets? [1]

And as long as we are on this topic, then the pols should also abolish the Capital Police and the Secret Service. No police protection for us, then none for them either. So being that the Capital Building and the White House are “the people’s houses”, then the people can enter at will without limitation by police or other security. Designated signs will give people directions where they can and cannot go within the buildings, along with the hours of opening and closing; and if any person violates any protocol, then unarmed social workers can take control of the situation and provide counseling and/or mental health services (but at all times using the proper pronouns).

Will either of these occur? My guess is that neither will, because the Dems only want the issue (as opposed to a solution) due to them pandering to the criminal element of the Dem base.

They know the consequences of these policies, which amongst many things is that without police then their constituency will no longer be able to sue the police for “free stuff” for problems of their own creation.


[1] As a side note, Andrew Yang is running for Mayor of NYC, and he said that no cop should carry a gun, and that cops can do Kung Fu moves (like Bruce Lee) to combat criminals with guns. WTF???? If a white person said this it would be “racist” btw.

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