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Austria's education minister: bullying unvaccinated students is "perhaps acceptable"

The Austrian ÖVP Minister Heinz Faßmann causes horror: At a press conference in Vienna, he expressed concern that there could be teasing between vaccinated and unvaccinated students.

When school starts in Austria, new rules apply to schoolchildren. In principle, they should be tested in the first two weeks. After that, the obligation to test should be dropped for vaccinated children. A journalist asks the education minister whether the visible different treatment of unvaccinated children might not have consequences and cause “discrepancies” between the students. The answer is remarkable.

"Difficult to predict," begins Heinz Faßmann from the ÖVP. “Perhaps one should ask the students present here whether something like this can take place. I can only say the other way around: It cannot be the reason to advise against vaccination so that there is no bullying. "The minister says: If unvaccinated people are bullied by vaccinated people, it is" perhaps to be accepted ".

To increase the vaccination rate among children with state-accepted bullying is an idea that would certainly find eager imitators in Germany. “Those at school are so mean to me. Can I get vaccinated?” That is, “maybe”, soon what Austrian parents will hear from their children when they come home from school. As long as they do not bring their vaccination certificate with them, no pupil wants to sit next to “lateral thinker children” (Querdenker or Lateral Thinker, is the movement in Germany that opposes the anti-Covid measures). Social segregation is now also in the classrooms, in order to force children to have a vaccination which in most cases is not medically necessary or questionable for them.

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