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Cottbus: Syrians involved in wild fight

Cottbus - After a fight between several Syrians in Cottbus, the police have started investigations into dangerous bodily harm against several people involved. The officials had alerted passers-by early on Sunday evening because several men were engaged in a violent fight on the street.

Above: "++ Migrant riots in downtown #Cottbus ++
Hostile migrant groups attacked each other with staves and knives today. Such scenes are abnormal. We will never accept it as the 'new normal'. Not in Cottbus. Not in Brandenburg. Not in Germany."

The opponents also hit each other with sticks. "Upon arrival, the officers found two injured men of Syrian origin aged 21 and 27," said the police. They were taken to hospital for medical treatment. During the search that followed, four Syrians between the ages of 19 and 29 have been arrested. They are now being investigated on suspicion of a serious breach of the peace in connection with dangerous bodily harm.

For years there have been problems with violent foreigners in Cottbus. In the past, Chechens were also arrested during police operations for the same reason.

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