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COVID Hysterics Are Deceiving Pharmacists To Get Vaccine ‘Booster Shots’, Make Their Insurance Pay For It

With both Pfizer and Moderna suggesting they will petition the FDA to stamp approval for so-called COVID-19 vaccine “booster” shots, a new report reveals that an untold number of COVID-obsessed Americans have already requested and received a third dose of the controversial vaccines.


A California TV station reveals that over 900 Americans have received a third vaccine, according to information released by healthcare providers across the country. Of these, many are apparently concerned over the “Delta Variant” despite scientists repeatedly asserting that the variant’s symptoms are identical to allergies and the common cold.


However, not all who receive a third vaccine dose do so in a proper manner. Gina Welch, a woman who spoke to KTLA, revealed that she lied to a vaccine clinic by telling them she wanted to receive her first dose. In reality, it was her third. “I’m going to follow these experts and I’m going to go protect myself,” said Welch, referring to studies she read suggesting a third dose would be beneficial. “I’m not going to wait another six months to a year for them to recommend a third dose.”


Another man in California entered a pharmacy and asked for his first dose of the vaccine, and provided his passport rather than his drivers license. It wasn’t discovered that he engaged in subterfuge to attain the third dose until the pharmacy attempted to bill his insurance agency, which informed the pharmacy that he received two doses in March of this year. Another man was able to secure a third dose by asserting that more than 21 days passed between when he received his first and second doses.


Additionally, in San Francisco – where minors are allowed to receive the vaccine without their parents’ consent – public health officials are allowing individuals to receive another dose if they received the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine. It should be noted that the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine is one of the few on the market that does not use experimental mRNA technology.


As early as April of this year, Pfizer began to seed the idea that a third dose of its vaccine would be necessary six months after the original dose, and suggested that an annual vaccine should become part of Americans’ lives for years to come. This week, Moderna joined the chorus, admitting that its vaccine may only last six months during an earnings call and suggesting that booster doses may be necessary. It is particularly noteworthy that Moderna divulged this information during a meeting with individuals who have a financial interest in seeing more vaccine doses become recommended or required.



Source: National File

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