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Editor For ‘Unbiased’ Facebook Fact Checker Tried To Bankrupt Conservative News Sites.

An editor for Lead Stories – a “fact-checking” outlet working for social media platforms including Facebook and TikTok – has attempted to coerce advertisers into dropping conservative media outlets as clients in social media posts unearthed by The National Pulse.


The unearthed posts on Twitter from Lead Stories Copy Editor Leslie Lapides follow the outlet’s founder and Editor-in-Chief Alan Duke repeatedly denying allegations of left-wing bias.


Contrary to Duke’s insistence, Lapides has tweeted at least four times in support of a Sleeping Giants campaign targeting advertisers listed on Breitbart News.


Sleeping Giants, which avows to “make bigotry and sexism less profitable,” is best known for seeking to bankrupt conservative news operations by bullying companies that purchased advertisements on their sites into dropping them. “The group does have a singular purpose, pursued as relentlessly as Ahab chasing a whale: It aims to drive advertisers away from Breitbart,” The Washington Post notes.


On February 5th, 2017, she shared four posts encouraging Instaflex, Medix Select, Snoring Solution, and the Association of Mature American Citizens to halt their advertisements running on Breitbart.  “Hello, are you aware that your ad is running on Breitbart News? Would you consider removing it,” she wrote before tagging Sleeping Giants.


 Lapides has also tagged dozens of members of Congress encouraging them to launch an investigation into Donald Trump’s financial ties to Russia. She has also shared images of signs declaring “RESISTANCE IS PATRIOTIC.”


Source: National Pulse

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